Today is the private beta release of the Motion Nexus platform. The Motion Nexus platform empowers developers to build Kinect applications in Adobe Flash that support local and cloud integration. Cloud integration enables multiple skeleton interactions from multiple remote users.

Here are some hightlights for the v1.3 release:

  • Simple and concise API for managing application configuration and deployment
  • Full 20 joint Kinect skeleton with velocity, rgb points, depth points, joint rotation, and tracking state.
  • Easily switch between local, local with cloud participants, and cloud with cloud participants
  • Depth image 320×240 support in local mode
  • Near mode enabled – Skeleton with 10 joints, upper body skeleton
  • Facebook API integration
  • Consumer driven plugin – we manage the environment, so all the developer needs is the swc library and your ready to develop.
  • Developer skeleton samples, Facebook integration examples, and much more…

Sign up now –  links to the SDK and downloads will be emailed later in the week.  We want to provide the best platform for developers and have some really great tools and libraries in development that we are really excited about.  This is a great time for developers, and an amazing time for users who can interact and engage with applications and each other in a natural manner.

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